Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

It wasn't that long ago a wireless speaker was considered something of a novelty. Early adopters chose them more for their ability to impress the neighbors than their sound quality. True audiophiles dismissed them as they believed the sound was inferior to wired speakers, and at first, they were probably right.

However with the advancement of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi it is no longer necessary to forgo high quality sound in the name of convenience and aesthetics. You will now find them in everything from compact, portable designs to a high end entertainment system.

How do they work?

While the term "wireless" isn't strictly true due to the need to provide AC power for internal amplifiers, wireless speakers avoid the need to connect to a signal source via cables using Bluetooth or WiFi technology.

Are they any good?

Absolutely. Audiophiles looking for the very last nuance of fidelity will probably still lean towards wired designs, but for the average music lover and home theater enthusiast who appreciates good sound, convenience and value...going wireless makes a whole lot of sense.

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What is the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi speakers?

While both Bluetooth and WiFi use data compression to stream music wirelessly to a speaker there are a few key differences...

Range: Bluetooth speakers have a limited range, generally up to about 10 metres. They are designed to be used in close proximity to the transmitting device and have the convenience of instant connection. While WiFi speakers also have a limited range it is much greater and they can operate anywhere a WiFi signal is present, which would typically mean anywhere in your home. You can also connect multiple speakers to play music in more than one room.

As Bluetooth speakers use the media from the transmitting device (iPhone, iPad, smartphone etc) the music can be interrupted by the operation of that media e.g. apps, phone calls etc. Speakers that use WiFi are typically controlled by other sources and used for playing music from online services or your music collection, so they aren't subject to interruptions.

Sound Quality: As Bluetooth compresses the data more than WiFi, speakers using WiFi are generally considered to sound better. However with the advancement of Bluetooth technology in recent years the competition is much closer. Most music lovers will find the sound quality from their Bluetooth speakers to be more than satisfying...with good bass, a clear natural mid range and extended highs. This is especially true if you choose a model from the masters in loudspeaker design...JBL!

The best of both worlds

If you're finding it difficult to choose between Bluetooth and WiFi why not get a speaker that's compatible with both? The JBL Playlist is a Bluetooth wireless model with built-in Chromecast so you can take a phone call, answer a text or play a game on your phone without interrupting the music or draining your battery. You can play music from streaming services such as Spotify and iHeartRadio while enjoying crystal clear, JBL-quality sound.


Finding the best wireless speakers

If you're looking for the best sound quality, features and durability...no other brands can match JBL's reputation in audio. With decades of experience in building the world's best loudspeaker systems for audiophiles, home cinema designers and professional audio engineers, a JBL wireless speaker will deliver years of listening pleasure. Check out the full range at an authorized dealer in the Philippines today.