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Building a home sound system? Rock out with the latest JBL home speakers, home theater systems, soundbars and speaker docks.

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Buying a home sound System

If you've decided to improve the quality of your stereo, home theater or TV sound here are a few tips for choosing the right components and setting up the best quality home entertainment system for years of enjoyment.

Choose the best home speakers

Buying the right loudspeakers is a critical factor in setting up your home audio system. Are you building a stereo or surround sound system? Whilst some mixing and matching is possible you will get the best results if you buy speakers designed for a specific application.

Stereo speakers

When it comes to hifi loudspeakers designed for a stereo system the sky's the limit as far as what you are able to spend. At the "high end" some people spend more on speakers than they do on a car. However the good news is you don't have to go to such extremes to get great stereo sound. Whatever your overall budget it’s a good policy to allocate as much as you can to the speakers as they are the final link in the chain and ultimately produces the music you listen to. You can always upgrade amplifiers and source components down the track but to get the biggest initial bang for your buck start with the best speakers you can afford.

Why choose JBL?

Whilst there are many brands offering loudspeakers for home audio and hifi systems none can match our reputation for quality and durability. JBL is chosen by professionals for concert sound in venues such as Woodstock and The Kennedy Center, as well as reference monitors in recording studios around the world. With that know-how and experience you can be sure you are getting the best performance in your home.

Take the Stage A130 bookshelf speaker system. Delivering big sound from a compact enclosure you can experience high definition imaging, deep base and quality sound right across the audio spectrum.

If you're after a floorstanding model the Studio 590 is a smart choice. Developed for pro-audio with dual 8" PolyPlas woofer cones and SFG (Symmetrical Field Geometry) technology it offers a low cost way to get powerful and accurate sound to your living room.

Home Theater Systems

If you're building a home theater system that same engineering know-how and experience in pro-audio and hifi is behind our range of home theater speakers. From compact, easy to install systems such as the Cinema 510 with 5 satellite speakers to dedicated components we have the right solution for your needs.

For a premium surround sound system that fits most budgets and applications we recommend you check out the 10-piece Studio 2 loudspeaker series. Available in a range of finishes you can experience sound that’s normally reserved for top movie theaters.


Looking for iPod and Android compatible speaker docks? Check out the full range of innovative products such as the Authentics L8. With wireless streaming it is a two-way speaker system with a huge 120 watts of power delivering a wide, detailed stereo image in a single enclosure.


Need to upgrade your TV sound? Let's face it...the sound quality from modern flat-screen TVs is not great. With the addition of a soundbar you can get a significant improvement in TV sound in a compact and easy to install enclosure. From 2 channel to 2.1 (with wireless subwoofer), 3.1 and 5.1 models with wireless surround speakers you will find a system to match your home entertainment space and budget.

Discover our full range of products at an authorized JBL dealer in the Philippines.