Headphones & Earphones

Searching for the best headphones and earbuds? Whether you prefer in-ear, on-ear or over-ear designs...wired or wireless...JBL offers high performance, style and comfort at the right price, for every occasion.

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Headphones, earphones and headsets - what's the difference?

Although the terms are interchangeable "headphones" generally refers to designs which are worn on or over the ears. They tend to be favoured by audiophiles who want the best quality sound when listening to music or watching movies. "Earphones" usually refers to in-ear designs including earbuds (although they can sit on the ear as well) and tend to be preferred when convenience, light weight and portability are key requirements, such as sports and the gym.

"Headsets" usually include a microphone and are commonly used for telecom systems, gaming, PCs etc.

What's important however is not terminology...but sound quality, performance, comfort and durability. When it comes to audio, JBL's reputation is second to none and the envy of all other brands!

Over-Ear and On-Ear

Like to listen to music for long periods without fatigue? Want high quality, accurate and detailed sound with no distortion, deep bass, clear mids and detailed highs? JBL's over-ear and on-ear designs deliver performance and comfort in spades. Take the Tune 500 wired on-ear. With the renowned "JBL Pure Bass" sound, light weight design, padded headband and soft cushions they are a smart choice for any audiophile. Plus you can connect to Siri or Google Now for a plug'n go solution.


Good things come in small packages, and in the case of JBL in-ear and earbud designs that good thing is big sound. If you like JBL's signature sound and hands-free calls on the go we suggest you try the Live 100. Housed in a quality aluminum shell it delivers full-bandwidth, powerful sound with the convenience of a one-button remote control.


If you prefer the convenience of wireless...and let's face it, who doesn’t...there is no longer any need to sacrifice sound quality. Thanks to the advancement of Bluetooth and smartphone technology, wireless earphones sound just as good as wired. The Everest Elite 750NC is a noise cancelling over-ear design for music lovers who demand the best. With JBL's legendary "Pro Audio Sound" you get wireless listening pleasure for up to 20 hours (quick recharge in 3 hours). It's also future-proof with updates via the My JBL App.


For the active user JBL sports models provide comfort and quality sound when running, exercising or visiting the gym. Try the Endurance SPRINT with an ear hook design for up to 8 hours of wireless music while you work out.

Check out the latest range of JBL earphones and accessories at an authorized online or local dealer near you in the Philippines.